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BROTHERHOOD: A person who has displayed leadership in fostering understanding and promoting harmony and goodwill among all.

CIVIC: A person/business/organization who has significantly contributed time, talent or investment to make Port Huron a better place to live, work and play.

CULTURAL: A person who has encouraged the appreciation and advancement of the arts or heritage of Port Huron and its citizens.

ECONOMIC PROGRESS: A person or business that has invested or encouraged an investment in the community that has stabilized or enhanced the economic climate and quality of life in Port Huron.

GOOD NEIGHBOR: A person who has gone out of his/her way in an unsolicited manner to help a neighbor or neighbors in an extraordinary manner.

HEROISM: A person who has risked personal injury or his/her life in a spontaneous act to save others.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Bestows special recognition on the rare individual who has consistently and unselfishly given an extraordinary amount of time and personal effort over the course of many years toward the betterment of their community and fellow man.

YOUTH SERVICE: A young person who has displayed outstanding citizenship, principally through community service activities.

2014 Spirit of Port Huron Awards Program Click here.

2012 Spirit of Port Huron Awards Program Click here.

2010 Spirit of Port Huron Awards Program Click here.

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The deadline for nominations is:  March 31, 2016.

To nominate someone, compose a brief letter stating the reason you are nominating the person. Please include:

  1. The individual or group's name, address and phone number
  2. Nominator's name, address and phone number
  3. Category for which they are being nominated
  4. Description of the activities that support the nomination

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