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Contact the City Administration and/or Staff CommunityComments@porthuron.org
Blight / Code Enforcement
Report A Problem phcares@porthuron.org 810-984-9797
Cemetery (Lakeside & Veteran's Memorial)
Office Tom Kriston cemetery@porthuron.org 987-6000
Cemetery Plot Purchase Clerk's Office clerk@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
Burial Records Clerk's Office clerk@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
City Clerk's Office
City Clerk Cyndee Jonseck jonseckc@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
Elections clerk@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
FOIA & Records clerk@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
Information - City Government clerk@porthuron.org 810-984-9725
City Manager's Office
City Manager James Freed CommunityComments@porthuron.org 810-984-9740
Department of Public Works (DPW)
City Engineer Lennie Naeyaert naeyaerl@porthuron.org 810-984-9730
Transportation / Engineering David Smith smithd@porthuron.org 810-984-9730
Water and Sewer Utilities Eric Witter wittere@porthuron.org 810-984-9730
Water Reclamation Facility 810-984-9775
Water Filtration Plant 810-984-9780
Finance Department
Director of Finance Edward Brennan 810-984-9727
Accounting and Control Roberta Seppo seppob@porthuron.org 810-984-9728
Assessor’s Office Ryan Porte porter@porthuron.org 810-984-9742
Income Tax Office Edward Laratonda laratone@porthuron.org 810-984-9741
Treasurer’s Office Terry Caryl CphTreasurer@porthuron.org 810-984-9722
Property Tax 810-984-9722
Water Office 810-984-9763
Fire Department
Emergency Only 911
Fire Chief Corey Nicholson nicholsc@porthuron.org 810-984-9750
Fire Inspector Kyle Brunk brunkk@porthuron.org 810-984-9750
Emergency Management 810-984-9750
Human Resources Department
Director of Human Resources Julie Davis davisj@porthuron.org 810-984-9723
Health and Safety 810-984-9744
Harbormaster Mike Davenport harbormaster@porthuron.org 810-984-9744
Information Technology Department
Director of Information Technology James Brennan brennanj@porthuron.org 810-984-9729
Parks and Recreation Department
Director of Parks and Recreation Nancy Winzer winzern@porthuron.org 810-984-9712
Recreation Amanda Dickinson 810-984-9760
McMorran Place 810-985-6166
Parks / Forestry Ben Pionk pionkb@porthuron.org 810-984-9709
Planning Department
Planning & Zoning David Haynes haynesd@porthuron.org 810-984-9735
Building Inspection, Permits 810-984-9733
Rental Inspection 810-984-2465
Community Development 810-984-9736
Police Department
Emergency Only 911
After-Hours and Non-Emergency 810-984-8415
Police Chief Joseph Platzer platzej@porthuron.org 810-984-9710
Capture Hot Line 810-987-6688
Detectives 810-984-9711
Records/Traffic 810-984-9715
Pollution Control Hotline 810-984-9775

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