Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
 ADA Notification Form (PDF)
 ADA Notification Form (RTF)
 Boards and Commissions Application
 E-Bill Authorization Form  Authorization for EMail Water Bill
 Historic District Guidelines and Application
Beautification Commission
 Beautification Commission Membership Application
 Yard of the Year Nomination
Building / Inspection
 Annual Registration Building Contractor
 Annual Registration Electrical Contractor
 Annual Registration Mechanical Contractor
 Annual Registration Plumbing Contractor
 Building Fee Calculator  Calculates Building Fee
 Building Permit Application
 Building Permit Fees
 Demolition Permit Application
 Electrical Permit Application
 Mechanical Permit Application
 Plan Review Application
 Plumbing Permit Application
 Right-of-Way Use Permit (PW-3)
 Roof, Siding, Deck, Window Permit Application
 Sign Permit Application
 Use Certificate Application
 Zoning Permit Application
Code Enforcement Unit
 Administrative Hearings Bureau - Default Petition  Petition to Set Aside Order of Default
 Administrative Hearings Bureau - Defendant Information
 Code Enforcement Ordinances
 Rules and Procedures
 Absent Voter Application
 Change Voting Address
 Elections Inspector Application
 Voter Registration Application
 Schedule of Fees
Freedom of Information Act
 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form
 Freedom of Information Act Requests
Income Tax
 Income Tax Forms
Licenses and Permits
 Fireworks Sales Permit
 Going Out of Business
 Liquor License - Special or Temporary Form
 Massagist License
 Meeting Request Form (Fillable)
 Pawnbroker, Precious Metal & Gem and/or Secondhand Dealer License
 Peddler / Solicitor / Transient Merchant License
 Sidewalk CafĂ© License Application Packet
 Special Events Permit Application
 City Lot Parking Permit Application  Majestic, East and West Quay and Campbell Lots
 McMorran Lot Parking Permit  North McMorran Lot and West of Bus Station Lot
 Heritage Park on the Quay - Recognition Plaques, Criteria and Process
 International Flag Plaza 16x16 Tribute Brick Order Form
 International Flag Plaza 4x8 Tribute Brick Order Form
 Memorial Tree Purchase Program
Planning and Zoning
 Foreclosed Property Registration Form - Fillable
 Lot Combination Form
 Lot Split Form
 Planning and Zoning Application
Includes: Zoning variance request/notice of appeal, Rezoning request, Site plan review, Special approval use permit, Vacation of an alley/utility easement/street.
 Rental Property Registration
 F-270 Release of Motor Vehicle Crash Report Request Form
Property Tax
 Property Tax Deferment Application
 Adult Recreation Registration
 Youth Recreation Registration