Criminal Investigation Division

The Port Huron Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Division conducts investigations into felony crimes and some special misdemeanor crimes such as domestic violence.  Criminal incidents assigned and investigated by the division include, but are not limited to, homicide, robbery, sexual assault, felonious assault, child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, arson, fraud, burglary, identity theft, embezzlement, larceny, and computer crimes.    The division is also regularly tasked with assisting other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with investigations that originate outside of and/or involve persons who reside within the city.

About the Division
Investigators assigned to the division received specialized training in the area of crime scene management and evidence collection/processing.  Select investigators have received specialized training in the areas of sex crime investigation, child abuse investigation, elder abuse investigation, death investigation, fire investigation, computer crimes, and/or cell phone forensics.  The detectives are also highly trained in interviewing/interrogation and are expected to possess a high degree of communication skills.  Some of the secondary duties and responsibilities within the division include surveillance, confidential informant recruitment/management, reward and tip management through the CAPTURE program, second-hand store and precious metal dealer licensing/monitoring, Michigan Liquor Control Commission compliance/licensing, and the investigation of referrals received from the Child Protective Services Division of the Michigan Department of Human Resources.   

About the Members
The Port Huron Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Division is supervised by Det. Lt. Chris Frazier and consists of the following investigators:

  • Detective Ernie Fantin
  • Detective Adrianne Mynsberge
  • Detective Ryan Mynsberge
  • Detective Brandon Rossow
  • Detective Grafton Sharp
  • Detective Ryan Sheedy
  • Detective Chad Smith