Honor Guard Unit

An Honor Guard is a group of people serving as an escort or performing drill exhibitions at ceremonial occasions.   In 2011, the Port Huron Police Department started the departments honor guard unit, which is called upon several times per year to provide posting of the colors at various public events, as well as to provide honor guard services at funerals for fallen officers.  In July of 2011, the honor guard was privileged during a sad time in the law enforcement community and within the department, when it served its own department by standing guard for retired Chief William J. Corbett, who died unexpectedly.  Chief Corbett served his country by serving in the U.S. Air Force, was Port Huron’s Chief of Police for over 17 years and spent over 53 years in law enforcement.

The purpose of the Port Huron Police Department Honor Guard is to represent the department during these ceremonial events. 

About the Team
The Honor Guard Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and 9 Officers.  The supervisor to the unit is appointed by the Captain.  The unit can be utilized at the following events:

- Funeral Details
- Annual Department Awards Ceremony
- Annual 911 Ceremony
- Memorial Services
- Parades
- Dignitary Details
- Opening Ceremony’s of Community Functions 
- Any other functions where it is deemed appropriate for the Port Huron Police Department to promote a professional image in the community

About the Members
Officers who are off probation can apply.  Officers are interviewed and the officer’s physical fitness, dependability, availability, daily work performance and their ability to work as a TEAM are considered during the interview process.  Only highly motivated officers are selected for this highly coveted and voluntary position.  Members train bi-monthly within the department and each member will attend the one week DFL Honor Guard School, which is hosted by the Wyandotte Police Department in Wyandotte, Michigan.   

Contact Information:

Honor Guard– Command Officer
Lt. Chris Frazier    810-984-8415 ext. 1938
Honor Guard – Team Leader
Sgt. Doug Decker    810-984-8415 ext 1904