Special Response Team

In its daily fight against various types of crime, law enforcement agencies must use every advantage they have.  One of those advantages is the use of a highly trained team in the use of Special Weapons And Tactics.  In 1990, the Port Huron Police Department created the department’s Special Response Team (SRT), to handle special threat incidents.  Special threat incidents are generally outside the training scope of the regular patrol personnel.  In 2011, the Port Huron Police Department expanded its operation by bringing on a member from the Marysville Police Department.

The goal of the Special Response Team is to provide protection and safety to innocent civilians and police personnel, while reducing the possibility of injuries or death at high risk incidents.

About the Team
The Special Response Team is comprised of department members who serve full time as sworn police officers representing various ranks and positions within both departments and are supported by a Crisis Negotiations Unit (CNU) and a Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) program.  The team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can respond at a moment’s notice to any of the following incidents:

- Barricaded Persons
- Suicidal Persons
- Sniping Incidents
- Hostage Incidents
- Searches of Armed Suspects
- Vice or Narcotic Raids
- High-Risk Warrant Service
- Dignitaries Protection
- Civil Disturbance
- Weapons of Mass Destruction
- Anti-Terrorism Incidents

About the Members
The team is made up of police officers, in which their assignment to the Special Response Team is voluntary and is an additional responsibility to their normal duties.  Each member has to pass an initial physical agility and oral board examination, before being accepted to the team.  Each member must maintain their physical fitness and weapon proficiency, which is tested throughout the year.  Officers selected to the team have to attend and pass a basic SWAT school and will then receive monthly and advanced in house team training along with specialized schools in the area of special weapons and tactics.

To resolve critical incidents in a peaceful manner, the Port Huron Police Department Special Response Team and Crisis Negotiations Unit train and work together.

Contact Information

Special Response Team – Command Officer
Lt. Brian Kerrigan     810-984-9715

Special Response Team – Team Leader
Sgt. Douglas Decker     810-984-8415 ext. 1904