Local Development Finance Authority  (4-year term)

Appointed by Mayor with Council approval, Pursuant to Act No. 281, Pa of 1986 and by resolution approved and adopted by Council on May 14, 1990.

Purpose: To promote specific financial programs in an effort to diminish unemployment, underemployment and joblessness and to promote economic growth in the City.

Membership: Appointed by the Mayor who appoints 7, subject to City Council approval. County Board of Commissioners appoints 1, SCCCC appoints 1, PHASD appoints 2.

Number of Member: 11

NameTerm Expires
Board Vacancy 6/11/2018
Board Vacancy 6/11/2018
Robert Funk 6/11/2020
Edward Brennan 6/11/2021
William Oldford Jr. 6/11/2021
Timothy Ward 6/11/2021
Daniel Casey 6/11/2023
Jamie Cain (PHASD Representative)  
Karry Hepting (County Representative)  
Kirk Kramer (SC4 Representative)  
Katherine Peternel (PHASD Representative)

To download A Boards and Commissions Application with Descriptions and Meeting Dates, Click here