Grass Cutting Spring Reminder

Per the city ordinance, no property owner shall permit growth of noxious weeds, grass, or other vegetation to a height greater than 8 inches. Also, property owners shall not allow accumulation of dead noxious weeds, grass, or brush on their premises.

Notice to owners, agents, or occupants of property within the city limits of the City of Port Huron, Michigan.

Please be advised that the Code Enforcement Department will give one notice for grass in excess of 8 inches; weeds and noxious vegetation.  If compliance is not met within 7 days of notice, an abatement will be scheduled.  There will not be a second notice given, an abatement will be scheduled anytime the property is in violation.

This is a reminder to property owners to keep grass, weed and other noxious vegetation cut below EIGHT (8) inches in height to avoid paying Administrative Hearing fees.